devicesOHS Desk is a world class cloud based QHSE: Quality, health, safety, environment management system for businesses of all sizes.

Modular in architecture, the management system consists of  document, accident, PPE and reporting modules. The document module allows you to construct templates in a Microsoft Word like editor and then send documents such as health and safety bulletins, toolbox talks etc for sign off to any member of your workforce. If the user has not signed the document off, you have the facility to remind them to do so.

Accidents are reported and logged with a full industry standard investigation procedure commencing once the accident has been added. Furthermore, a two tier sign off procedure has been implemented to ensure that the outcome of the investigation into the accident and it’s resolution is accepted by both management and the affected colleague.

The PPE module allows you to assign work clothing and relevant equipment to users to ensure that every member of your workforce has the correct protective equipment to do their job safely.

All of the above data is fed into a reporting tool which displays statistics to both users and managers (via a separate unique login of course!) and shows them what areas under their control require attention be it immediate or otherwise. This means that at a glance, the manage and/or user can quickly see areas that require resolution and immediately do so to ensure QHSE compliance.

OHS Desk is currently at beta stage and will be released soon. If you would like further information about this product and to possibly embark on a testing trial please click here to email us.