Business ServicesOur in-house knowledge and many years experience of a wide range of software platforms enables us to design flexible solutions tailormade to our clients business requirements, whatever they may be.

We know that whatever step on the business ladder you may be, you want to ensure that you have the best processes in place that will help your company run more efficiently. It is for this exact reason why we have used our experience and knowledge of the market to offer all our clients a range of business services that will increase the efficiency of your business as well as being able to make tangible use of the results you are given.

Here at Sector 8 Solutions we offer a range of management information systems including;

  1.     Control Systems Engineering
  2.     Windows Based Software Development
  3.     SCADA, PLC & DCS Systems
  4.     Business Optimisation Systems
  5.     Training
  6.     Support and Maintenance

Please get in touch with us for more details.