Allanfearn Hotspot

We design and install separate and/or combined internal and external WiFi Networking Systems to provide fully secure WiFi access to you intranet or internet as required.

The WiFi systems can be configured to monitor user use for added security and can also bill users if required (e.g. when configured for use in hotel). The system has a wide range of features and can manage thousands of users and can limit user bandwidth to
ensure no one user hogs the line.

 Allanfearn MESHThe external WiFi can cover up to 300m in any direction from a single point and for larger areas the system can be easily expanded to cover several kilometers.

All our installations are fully warranted, come with full documentation and training and comprehensive support.

For longer distances our WiFi network can cover ranges up to 30km (line of sight required).

All our installations are to NCC standard and we responsibly source our cabling and materials to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved.

moray 001For example we use CAT 5e as an absolute minimum and all cabling provided is compliant to RoHS/2002/95/EC. Outdoor ethernet cabling is provided with steel wire armour (SWA) and glanded where necessary.

For public WiFi networking we supply centrally managed WiFi solutions providing strict user control and content filtering in adherence to the following:

  • Part 11 of the Anti-Terrorism, crime and Security Act 2001
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)
  • EU Data Retention Directive