Sector 8 Solution’s efficiency systems are ideal for all types of businesses where operational monitoring is in place e.g. process control systems, building management systems (BMS), manufacturing systems etc.

Key Features & Benefits

  •     Instant display of key performance indicators of process and plant operation
  •     Tracking of all major cost drivers (e.g. power usage, chemicals, manpower)
  •     Stand-alone Bolt on product – requires little or no modification of your existing system
  •     Instant reporting over any time period
  •     Export of data or reports to any format
  •     Feature rich set of customisable reporting tools and methods available (see Examples below)
  •     Automatic email or export of reports and/or data over any time period
  •     Automatic alarming to SMS text message and/or email generation
  •     Web and/or network access to any report via standard web browser
  •     Fully navigable report suite
  •     Built in security
  •     Specifically developed to meet the needs of your business
  •     Standard technology (can be maintained/upgraded/developed by any SQL & Control Specialist)
  •     Full operator training (developer training also available)
  •     DELL (or user specified) RAID 5 Server
  •     Microsoft Server 2008 & SQL Server 2008 R2
  •     OPC Server included (if required)
  •     3 Year Defects Warranty

System Cost
Typical system costs inclusive of all hardware and software, development and installation range from between £15K to £50K depending upon system size and facilities.

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