Cost Summary

The examples below are taken from one of our projects which uses OPC to connect to a dual-redundant DCS system.

The power of SQL Server Reporting Services™ (SSRS) means that any report can be viewed by the Client’s Intranet or local network PC’s via a common web browser.

Data and reports can be exported, saved across the internal network, uploaded to a website or emailed to anyone in the world at any time or by a pre-determined schedule.

All reports can be developed for fixed time periods (for example the last 24 hours or over the current Shift period) or variable time periods as selected by the user via the built in calendar facilities.

The rich set of configurable reporting tools such as charts and graphs are complemented by a varied range of fully customisable gauges, dials and indicators.

Navigation between reports is easy as all objects within a report can be configured to navigate to a different report page within the system, creating a fully navigable reporting environment.

All reports can be exported with the click of a button and/or automatically exported by a pre-set schedule.

Emailing or uploading to your intranet or web presence is also an integrated function.

The example to the right illustrates an automatically emailed pumping efficiency report (installed June 2008) where data is gathered from each pump via the DNP3 & Modbus TCP protocols.

Automatic alert and alarm notification via email and/or SMS can also be configured – keeping you up to date anywhere in the world.
With an in-built web server accessing reports from anywhere in your business is as simple as opening your web browser. With security built in you can easily restrict reports across your company ensuring “eyes only” access.